HJT optics

This examples shows how to calibrate Quokka3's optical model, the extended Basore model, to measured reflection and EQE data of a HJT cell. In particular this results in the determination of the significant NIR parastic absorption loss in the a-Si and TCO layers using the Appp concept.

The investigated cell is a Fraunhofer ISE HJT cell. 

A paper on Appp including a detailed description of this example was submitted to SOLMAT.

Trina PERC cell

This examples defines a Trina PERC cell as manufactured during ramp-up of a production line. The input parameters were published in (A. Fell and Altermatt 2018 siliconPV) and (A. Fell and Altermatt 2018 JPV).

Two diffferent settingsfiles are included:

  • a ‘busbar-enhanced’ unit cell type using the “front and rear contact…