HJT optics

This examples shows how to calibrate Quokka3's optical model, the extended Basore model, to measured reflection and EQE data of a HJT cell. In particular this results in the determination of the significant NIR parastic absorption loss in the a-Si and TCO layers using the Appp concept.

The investigated cell is a Fraunhofer ISE HJT cell. 

A paper on Appp including a detailed description of this example was submitted to SOLMAT.

bifacial TOPCon cell

This example defines a bifacial solar cell concept, typical for an industrial n-type TOPCon solar cell. It shows how to add a ploy-Si layer on top of a lumped skin to account both for parasitic absorption (FCA + band-to-band) and lateral conductance.

Another settingsfile is included showing how the extended Basore model describing bifacial optics in Quokka3 can be calibrated by fitting meausured reflection and transmission for front and rear illumination.

Image taken from: Chen…