Trina PERC cell

This examples defines a Trina PERC cell as manufactured during ramp-up of a production line. The input parameters were published in (A. Fell and Altermatt 2018 siliconPV) and (A. Fell and Altermatt 2018 JPV).

Two diffferent settingsfiles are included:

  • a ‘busbar-enhanced’ unit cell type using the “front and rear contact…

2014 unit cells

The downloaded archive contains Quokka3 settingsfiles for all of the input parameter sets presented in (Fell et al. 2015, JPV), namely a conventional, PERC, n-PASHA, HJT, ANU-IBC and UNSW-PERL cell. For each cell type a settingsfile exists where the the skins are defined by their lumped properties.

For the PERC cell and additional settingsfile is included which defines a much more complete and detailed model of the same cell. It comprises:

  • detailed…