2014 unit cells

The downloaded archive contains Quokka3 settingsfiles for all of the input parameter sets presented in (Fell et al. 2015, JPV), namely a conventional, PERC, n-PASHA, HJT, ANU-IBC and UNSW-PERL cell. For each cell type a settingsfile exists where the the skins are defined by their lumped properties.

For the PERC cell and additional settingsfile is included which defines a much more complete and detailed model of the same cell. It comprises:

  • detailed emitter properties (dopant profile, surface SRH), thus using the multiscale approach,
  • a ‘busbar-enhanced’ unit cell geometry,
  • light trapping via the ‘local-lumped’ Z approach, accounting for the different internal reflection properties of the different rear-side skin regions.

The PERC_unitcell.m and conventional_unitcell.m examples run in the free version of Quokka3.

3D view of busbar-enhanced PERC unit cell